OneBadger CRM Strategy Engagement Kicks Off

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The OneBadger vision to create a 360-degree circle of support for learners is moving forward, and you’re invited to come along for the journey.

In a strategy engagement with Huron Consulting Group, stakeholders interested in implementing the Salesforce constituent relationship management (CRM) platform will be invited to participate in a series of consultant-led listening sessions over the coming weeks.

During these stakeholder sessions, facilitators from Huron will interview interested schools, colleges and divisions to learn more about the problems they’re trying to solve by implementing and using a CRM.

How do these groups want to better serve their constituents, whether it’s our UW–Madison learners or people they’re working with in the business community? Are there places where their needs and processes might align, leading to increased collaboration across campus?

“After reviewing the notes from event participation or interviews with me, the Huron consultants will talk with the stakeholders to understand their interest in using Salesforce, focusing on their pain points as well as the goals they want to accomplish and how they can better serve all of our constituents,” explains Enterprise CRM Assistant Director Kyla Farroll.

“In talking with staff, they’ve expressed interest in breaking down silos,” Farroll added. “So the idea is to learn more about the ways these groups want to increase internal collaboration across departments, colleges, schools in an effort to provide that 360-degree circle of support to our learners, and streamline communications with our external business and community partners.”

Huron and the OneBadger team will then use the recommendations, guidance and documentation from the strategy engagement to create a roadmap for an enterprise Salesforce structure “which accommodates our diverse university landscape at scale,” Farroll says. Details of the plan are expected to be announced in early spring 2021.

Other goals of the strategy engagement include:

  • Evaluating existing Salesforce “orgs” (individual instances of Salesforce) for potential consolidation and migration
  • Establishing a future-state architecture framework
  • Establishing governance and development best practices
  • Performing these tasks and providing deliverables consistent with, and in the context of, UW–Madison’s “OneBadger” philosophy

When it comes to UW–Madison’s learners, this OneBadger philosophy centers around creating a personalized, seamless experience that begins with a learner’s very first interaction with the university, and it continues throughout their learning journey.

“Right now, our students are talking to different people in different departments, and frequently they’re having to repeat themselves over and over again,” Farroll explains. “We want to get away from that. We want to be able to provide the same kind of world-class student service as we do with our education and our programs at UW–Madison.”

The Office of Admissions and Recruitment and the Division of Continuing Studies have used Salesforce on campus since 2018, and other groups such as the Office of Business Engagement, Graduate School, Online Undergraduate Degree Program, and School of Education began using Salesforce as early adopters in 2020 as the OneBadger CRM enterprise program gets underway.

OneBadger CRM rolls up into Chancellor Rebecca Blank’s Strategic Framework for 2020-2025 to strengthen UW–Madison’s position as A High-Performing Organization. OneBadger is one of the initiatives listed under IT Optimization and Innovations in the framework.

Interested in participating in a stakeholder interview?

Stakeholders who participated in the “Salesforce Day” or “OneBadger Day” events in 2019 may have already received an email or survey confirming an interest to participate. If you have not received a communication and would like to speak with Huron regarding your CRM needs, please complete this survey by Monday, November 2.