Meet the OneBadger CRM Strategy Engagement Consultants

The following consultants from Huron Consulting Group will lead stakeholder interviews as part of the OneBadger CRM strategy engagement.

Huron Consulting Group: Ryan ClemensRyan Clemens

Ryan Clemens is the Salesforce consulting director at Huron Consulting Group. Ryan’s focus is on enterprise Salesforce implementations helping higher education clients solve for complex Salesforce implementations, including the connected campus vision. Prior to joining Huron, Ryan worked for Arizona State University, leading a Salesforce team to track all engagements that a constituent has with the institution. | Read Ryan’s bio

Huron Consulting Group: Tom EngelhardtTom Engelhardt

Tom Engelhardt is a Salesforce consulting director at Huron Consulting Group. Tom brings 10 years of Salesforce consulting experience to his projects. As an engagement lead and solution architect, Tom works with talented teams of analysts, developers, and technical architects to identify customer requirements and design Salesforce solutions that will deliver maximum value. | Read Tom’s bio

Huron Consulting Group: Liz FavaLiz Fava

Liz Fava is a consulting associate for Salesforce higher education consulting at Huron. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Liz has experience using Salesforce and other CRM platforms to solve complex issues as well as improve strategic student enrollment and recruitment processes. Prior to joining Huron, Liz worked with various higher education institutions including the University of Miami, Stanford University and Florida International University. | Read Liz’s bio

Huron Consulting Group: Steven HahnSteven Hahn

Formerly the Vice President for Enrollment Management at UW–Madison, Steve Hahn is a senior director at Huron in the Student Lifecycle Solutions practice. He is passionate about improving access to higher education, making college more affordable for all students, and innovating around the student experience. Steve has worked in university admissions and academic services, information technology, financial aid and enrollment management for over 20 years. | Read Steve’s bio

Huron Consulting Group: Giovanna IbiasGiovanna Ibias

Giovanna Ibias is a Salesforce Consulting Manager at Huron Consulting Group. Giovanna’s expertise is on global enterprise Salesforce strategy and implementations, both in higher education and life sciences. She has experience in driving successful CRM platform strategy and implementation that creates meaningful impact and supports complex enterprise business operations. | Read Giovanna’s bio